Chris Wong, CISSP

Bellevue, WA

(425) 260-6501 (cell)





ITSACO, LLC Bellevue, Washington

Systems Engineer/Security Analyst (06/04 to present) –System administration of UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.  Installations, trouble shooting, performance tuning,  task automation, monitoring scripts, application installations, user management, and documentation.

Security audits focusing on SOX issues using a COBIT framework.  Implement security recommendations.  Write policies & procedures.  Analyze operations and recommend controls for areas of deficiency.  Present audit findings to customer’s external auditors (Deloitte, PWC).  Address external auditors concerns. 

Cerius Technology Group, Inc.  Issaquah, Washington

Systems Engineer (08/96 to 06/04) – Technical Consultant for HP business partner specializing in HP-UX, OpenView, and security.   Assist customers in a variety of tasks including installations, migrations, project management, security audits, performance analysis, high availability, disaster recovery, and documentation.  Customers include non-profits, government agencies, small and medium businesses, and Fortune 100.  Environments include HP-UX, Linux, Windows, and MPE.  

Developed and delivered a 5-day security class for over 100 HP Engineers in Europe.  Security related experience includes:  Intrusion Detection Systems, hardening, firewalls, encryption techniques, SAN security, single sign-on, authentication methods, auditing, physical security, social engineering, policies & methods for dealing with inappropriate material and viruses, policy monitoring, and various proprietary and open source security tools.

System administration related experience includes:  LVM, HIDS, kernel tuning, performance monitoring, backups, SAN integration, DNS, SMTP, Samba, FTP, SSH, NIS, NIS+, Web server, NFS,  clustering (Service Guard and Matrix Server) and server consolidation.

Center for Information Services  Bellevue, Washington (formerly CTC and WCCCC)

Systems Manager/Administrator (08/92 to 08/96) – System management of development, network, and Internet services servers.  State-wide e-mail administrator.  System management of over 30 proprietary servers (HP3000/MPE) distributed across the state.  Develop, implement, and monitor security and acceptable use policies for faculty and staff.  Train users.  Present architectural concepts to committees.  Implementation of OS software, patches, 3rd party products (DBGeneral, VESoft), and in-house applications.  Performance analysis, troubleshooting, and product evaluations.

Brand S Corporation  Corvallis, Oregon

Data Processing Manager (09/85 to 7/92) – Responsible for all aspects of data processing for wood products corporation.  Migration from IBM System/36 to HP 3000.  Implementation of PC office infrastructure.  Hire, train, and supervise staff.   Manage projects with vendors.  Liaison between IT and other departments.  Corporate IT representative to auditors.

Author & Technical Editor

2004: Technical Editor for SANS Guide HP-UX Security

2003: Technical Editor of HP-UX Certified

2002: Series writer for Tech Target

2001: Author, Prentice-Hall book, HP-UX 11i Security


LVM Explained

SSH Explained

UNIX for the MPE Administrator

Practical Migration Options: What Will Your New Environment/Community Be Like?

HP-UX Host Security

UNIX/Linux: Crash course in the why & how of security

HP's AutoRAID and the XP on the HP3000


Accredited Integration Specialist – HP OpenView Network Services

Accredited Integration Specialist – HP OpenView Systems & Servers

Accredited Integration Specialist – HP OpenView Data and Storage

Accredited Presales Consultant – HP Enterprise Storage Solutions

Accredited Presales Consultant – Specialty in HP StorageWorks XP Solutions

Accredited Presales Professional – HP Network Storage Solutions

Certified Systems Administrator – HP-UX v11



Technical Training

HP-UX                                                                                     Windows

System Administration                                                          Supporting Microsoft NT

Network Administration                                                        Administering Microsoft NT

Network Administration II                                                     Install & Configure Win 2000

HP-UX System Security                                                         Windows Secure Architecture

Practical UNIX & Network Security                                       Microsoft Security Guidance

SAN Technical Pre Sales

EVA Technical Training                                                         Oracle

Internet Security                                                                   Intro to Oracle 7i:SQL

Managing DNS & BIND                                                           Managing Oracle 7

HP-UX Troubleshooting                                                          Oracle 7 Perf & Tuning

Hands-on with MC/ServiceGuard                                         Oracle 8 Backup & Recovery

Hands-on with MC/ServiceGuard II

Hands on with LVM and MirrorDisk/UX                               Misc.

Managing Software with Ignite/UX                                       MatrixServer  (Clustering)

High Availability for Technical Consultants                         Visio

Managing XP256 Disk Array                                                  Building Firewalls

HP System Consolidation                                                       RHCE Rapid Track

POSIX Shell Programming                                                     Network Storage Analyzer

Performance & Tuning                                                           Managing Risk

UNIX/NT Integration                                                             Claims Management

Customizing your Apache Web Server on HP-UX                  IP3’s IT Security Workshop

Superdome Technical Pre Sales                                            COBIT Workshop

Inside the HP-UX Operating System                                     IT Auditing



Network Node Manager Fundamentals

Network Node Manager UNIX/NT Customization & Distribution

ITO Level 1

ITO Advanced Concepts

Web Transaction Observer

Vantage Point Internet Services

Data Protector




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