Newfie's Gallery


Genesee Park

Today I went to the Genesee Dog Park.

Patriotic Newf


Here I am greeting a group of Japanese Tourists down at Pier 56.

Car Ride

Me and Millie

She's my girlfriend. She's a Landseer Newfoundland.

Oooh, that's cold!

Newfie at the Beach

Newfie's Butt

Here's a picture for the ladies!

Grumpy Newf

Newfie Hiding

Newfie as Puppy

Here I am just a little pup.

Hey, whatever happened to that carpet?

My new Red Ball

Donated by fans.

Yawning Newf

Here I am with my buddy Hobie.

Conehead Newf

I had to wear this ridiculous cone for 10 days after having my eye tumor removed. However, I've learned a new trick, sort of like "goosing", but my Mom and Dad call it "coneing".

Me and My Shadow

This is my new buddy, Shadow. He was homeless, but now has a new home and is loved very much. He liked playing with all my toys. He's coming over for some sleep-overs. I've got some Lassie movies ready (and "Frenchie the Poodle does Paris" for after the folks go to bed).

Me and Lloyd

He's Shadow's Dad


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