AAA Server Intro
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4.8 The AAA Server

HP-UX 11i Security, by Chris Wong, Prentice Hall PTR: ISBN: 0130330620


Triple A, not a new WWF wrestler, but an authentication, authorization, and accounting server. The AAA server exchanges information with a Network Access Server (NAS) using the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Server (RADIUS) protocol.  This server is designed to manage user access to network resources.

This server is available to all HP-UX customers running HP-UX 11.0 and HP-UX 11i. The server is currently not supported on trusted systems (01/17/02).

It supports the wireless LAN, physical LAN, Firewalls, VPN, and the Internet. Supported protocols include: Extensible Authentication Protocol and Cisco Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol.

The database can use either Oracle, LDAP, or plain flat files. The AAA server supports multi-vendor RADIUS client support, robust RADIUS proxy capabilities, and RSA SecureID.

For more information: Download the HP-UX AAA Server Getting Started Guide. The software can be downloaded from the Internet and Security section of . The software is also found on the applications CDs (starting with March 2002).


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