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9.3 [UPDATE]Configuring the Kerberos Server

HP-UX 11i Security, by Chris Wong, Prentice Hall PTR; ISBN: 0130330620



Prior to the publication of this book, HP did not provide a Kerberos server for HP-UX. The instructions in the book explain how to configure Kerberos.  HP now provides a Kerberos server. On-line documentation from HP explains how to configure the Kerberos server: .


The instructions in section 9.3 continue to work with the following exceptions:


The PATH: /opt/kerb5/bin is now:         /opt/krb5/sbin

The PATH: /etc/opt/krb5kdc is now:     /var/adm/krb5/krb5kdc

The PATH: /var/opt/kerb5 is now:        /var/log or whatever you put in the krb5.conf file


Starting the Kerberos server can now be done with:

/sbin/init.d/krbsrv start


/opt/krb5/sbin/krbsetup and selecting menu item #2


Stopping the Kerberos server can now be done with;

/sbin/init.d/krbsrv stop


/opt/krb5/sbin/krbsetup and selecting menu item #3


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